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Care For Children (Rwanda)
Child's Story

Move forward with a grateful heart


Fannie is an optimistic and grateful person who finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Even though she can only enjoy meat dishes during Christmas, she remains content. With the help of our partner in Rwanda, her family was finally able to repair their damaged house and now have a comfortable place to sleep.

The sponsorship program also provided Fannie with the necessary materials for school, allowing her to attend school regularly and pursue her dream of becoming a principal.

In addition, the program has brought stable income to her family, gradually improving their living environment and economic situation.


2022 Dec

Pursuing the dreams, advancing in adversity


Bis dreams of becoming a doctor in the future and helping those in need. Previously, his family faced financial problems. His parents had to work on other people's farms to make ends meet, and their income was very low. They often struggled to support a family of seven, and sometimes could only afford one meal a day. Despite facing various difficulties in life, Bis still loves to study because he knows that this is the key to fulfilling his dreams.

Bis's financial concerns were alleviated after he received support from the sponsorship program, which allowed him to dedicate more time and effort towards his studies and goals.  In his leisure time, he always helps with housework and takes care of the sheep his family received from the IGA program.  They tried to utilize the manure to enhance the crop yields.  His parents are planning to expand their farming work, hope that it will bring greater change for the family.

2022 Dec

Be Strong


Rissca is 15 years old and is in the fifth grade. Her parents got divorced and she lives with her mother and three younger siblings now. 

Though her mother is frail, she is the only breadwinner in the family. She works on other people's farmland and the income is low and unstable. The neighbor noticed that they are in great need and

offered them a place to live.

Rissca likes studying Kinyarwanda, sociology and religion.  She gets good grades in class and dreams of

becoming a leader in future.  However, she suffers from cerebral malaria and requires medication; coupled with the family's financial issue, which seriously affect her performance at school.

In her free time, Rissca likes helping her mother with housework, cooking, collecting firewood and playing with friends. When feeling down, she either shares with the elders or keeps them to herself.

Never stop learning


Manna’s parents got divorced.  He is the only child in the family and now lives with his mother and grandmother.  His mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. She works on other people's farms and the income is low and unstable. Even worse, she suffers from gastric ulcers and requires medication.

Since his family is facing financial challenges, they could not afford to repair their old and damaged

house. Manna also lacks of supplies to attend school. Despite these challenges, Manna enjoys learning

and is particularly interested in science. He dreams of becoming a scientist or a football player.

Manna likes to learn new things and play football with his classmates at school. Whenever he is upset, he shares with his mother.

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