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Care For Children (Rwanda)
Words of Gratitude

Sponsor Student - Aline

Dear Uncle Wu,


Receive my warm greetings. My family and I are doing well and we are thanking God that I have ended third term peacefully.


Thank you, Uncle Wu for your support of providing me school materials.


My family is no longer worrying about health insurance, it was not easy before to pay health insurance health and school fees and school materials. But now story has changed due to your support.


My family and I are happy for you and thanking you for your great love toward us.


May God bless you!! We love you so much!!


Yours Aline


Sponsor Student - Emmanuel

Dear Aunt Ho,


Thank you for your blessing & caring. At school, I’m doing well, my special thanks go to you for the domestic animals you gave me.


I got baptized, now I’m a real Christian. I’m also serve with youth choir. I always pray that God bless you, you played a role of my father, you have been there for me.


My grades are improving, I’m now waiting for the third. I hope to be promoted to S2.


Thank you very much!!!


Yours Emmanuel

Sponsor Student - Irafasha Emmanuel

Dear Aunt Liu :


First of all thank you very much for your support. Because of you, I study well, and my parents and I also hope that you will be better in what you do All went well. I want to thank you for taking away our shame. Shame on being too poor to meet school requirements.

Most importantly, thanks for finding us in the community!


As Aunt Liu's child, I will pray for you.


Aunt Liu, may God bless you, may God always protect you.

Irafasha Emmanuel


The sponsored students expressed their gratitude

to the sponsors through pictures and words.

Dukuzumuremyi Regis-019 (thank you letter with drawing)_page-0001.jpg
Harerimana Elie-MSA020 (thank you letter with drawing)_page-0001.jpg
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