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(Cambodia) sponsorship program

Since 2020, we have launched the “Hand-in-Hand” sponsorship program in Cambodia, which has supported over 26 underprivileged children.


Background of the sponsored children

•      Impoverished children from remote and rural areas


Issues faced by sponsored children

•        Low public school teacher salaries lead to ineffective teaching, which negatively impacts the

        quality of education for children.

•      Poverty forces children to drop out of school early and work.

•      High unemployment rates, low incomes, and serious human trafficking problems.


Aims and details of the program

•      To provide financial assistance for education, including living and tutorial subsidies, which aims

        to overcome financial barriers, improve academic performance, and increase future

        employment opportunities, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty.

•      To organize various activities to foster the overall health and growth of the children.

 Sponsorship for orphans and poor children: [ click here ]




Image by Avel Chuklanov

Child’s Story

Words of Gratitude

Chalkboard Drawings

Volunteers’ Sharings

Activity Snapshots

Happy Twins

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