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Co-Walk with Love (HK)
Funding Scheme

Program purpose

  • Matching volunteers with local or minority underprivileged school children.

  • By co-walking together, volunteers’ matched children can experience care and support, and hopefully enriching their life experience.

  • It is hoped that volunteers can become friends and life mentors of poor children, and use their lives to influence children’s lives. Through their own experiences, they can provide appropriate guidance to children, so that they can live a wonderful life.

  • Set up a team of fellow volunteers, so that they can connect with each other, and together plan some healthy activities for the poor children.

  • Set up a special financial assistance fund to Provide support according to the needs of individual families.


Plan content

  • The volunteers regularly contact their matched children by phone or video as to understand their current situation .

  • The volunteers arrange opportunities to meet the children outside of their homes as to broaden their horizons . <Poor children need to obtain the consent of their parents and the association before they can go out with their volunteers.>

  • Provide training or seminars to volunteers and children's parents, so that they can better understand how to build children's lives and how to co-walk with them.

  • Organize interest classes for children, such as phonics, or other classes.


Plan Co-walking period

The plan is to run on a trial basis until December 31, 2021, and then a follow-up review. If the expected objective can be achieved, the period will be extended and the number of matching places in the program will be increased.


The Responsibilities of Jubilee Cares

  • Clearly explain the terms of "child protection" to fellow volunteers

  • Clearly explain program rules to children and fellow volunteers

  • Set up a platform for volunteer teams to meet and communicate

  • Organize activities or training for children and volunteers

  • Support the difficulties encountered by volunteers

  • Fundraising or various gifts, gift certificates, etc.

Act now! Walk with love with this group of children in need [ click here ]

Child's story

Thank You Notes from Children

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Volunteers’ Sharings

Snapshot of Activities

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Address: 15/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon

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