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Co-Walk with Love (HK)
​Child's Story

​                                                                                Happy Child

                                        Pun is a Nepalese child living in Hong Kong, now 12 years old,

                                studying in Secondary One. Due to the divorce of his parents, he lives

                           with his mother.

              Live in a shared room. In order to cope with the various expenses of the family, my mother

        worked part-time several jobs at the same time and came home very late. Many times, Pun needs to

           stay with his mother when you get home, you can sleep peacefully.

                          Pun's reading grades are average, and he likes reading, especially mathematics.

                              In his spare time he likes to play football and paint; his dream will be come

                                  to be a football player and play a defender role.

​                                                                               Lively Child

                                     Kris is 10 years old and studying in the fourth grade of primary

                             school. He has hyperactivity disorder and lack of concentration. Due to the

                      divorce of his parents, he is now with his mother and a 8-year-old sister who is in third

           grade lives with him. My mother had undergone rectal cancer resection and needed regular

         follow-up visits.

                        Kris's grades are average, especially in English and mathematics. When he grows up,

                             he hopes to be a bus driver. When he is upset, he will lose his temper at his

                                      mother. In his free time, he likes to play with robots and on his cell


​                                                                             Talkative and Playful

                                   Tumya is of Nepalese descent and is now 9 years old, in grade 4. The

                       relationship between the parents is not good. The father has returned to Nepal

              and is now with the mother. Lives in a separate room; he does not have any siblings.

           Tumya has poor academic performance, but enjoys reading, especially English and Maths. His

                     ambition is to be a policeman. His hobbies are running, football, art and games.

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