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Cliff Bees (Nepal)
Child's Story

Pursue a Dream

Nana is a smart girl who dreams of becoming a doctor to help her family and others. However, her family faced financial difficulties, and they live in a cramped space with her father suffering from a serious illness.  With the help of our local partners and the church, her father could finally receive treatment and gradually recovering now.

Unfortunately, their financial situation and cultural background have become obstacles to Nana's dream. Not long ago, her parents took her and her sisters back to their hometown and arranged marriages for them.  While waiting, Nana kept crying and insisting on not marrying early.  Her insistence eventually led her parents' to change their mind.  She is allowed to return to Kathmandu to continue her studies and pursue her dreams.

                                                                                                                                                         2023 Mar

Go after Your Dreams with Courage and Determination

Sandy's family is experiencing financial difficulties, and her younger brother has had to drop out of school to work in order to make ends meet.  A few years ago, Sandy's parents asked her to get married early, but when they saw her passion for learning and her outstanding academic performance, they no longer forced her.  Sandy had dreams of becoming a great teacher as a child, but over time, she became interested in fashion design.

Sandy is currently awaiting the results of her exams, hoping to continue her education and fulfill her dream. In the meantime, she is learning sewing and embroidery skills from our local partner, which will provide a solid foundation for her future career.

We wish her success in her future career as a fashion designer and to improve the lives of herself and her family.

2023 Mar

The Indomitable Path of Growth


Little Anmo was only ten years old, yet he had already faced numerous challenges and changes in his family life. His mother had remarried and left home, and his father had started a new family. Little Anmo lived with his stepmother for a while, but she treated him badly. As a result, his grandmother took him back and he moved in with his cousin and her young daughter.

Anmo's grandmother struggled to support him financially because she was old and had to take care of her sick husband. They didn't have a lot of money to cover their daily expenses or pay for Anmo's education. Despite these challenges, Anmo never gave up on his dream of becoming a great soldier. He worked hard and never lost his determination.

                                                                                                                                                           2023 Feb

Breaking Caste Barriers with a Passion for Medical Care


An is a member of the Musahar in Nepal, one of the low-caste groups in society. Despite being 8 years old, she is only able to attend pre-school at the moment. An has parents and five siblings, and their family is not financially well-off. Both of her parents are illiterate, and although they say they want their children to go to school, their family's financial situation makes it difficult for them to do so.

An's parents are the breadwinners of the family, working in brick factories and taking on other temporary jobs. However, their income is unstable and low, and they sometimes face difficulties such as food shortages. Their family does not own any land and lives in a simple house.

An enjoys many activities such as writing, watching TV, learning, drawing, singing, and dancing. She does not like to tease others or see people fighting. Her dream is to become a doctor and provide medical care to people in her community.

                                                                                                                                                            2023 Feb

Little Wing

Little Wing is 10, she is a Musahar, a member of the lowest caste in Nepal. She is currently attending preschool. She has four siblings and helps with household chores while also taking care of her younger siblings as the eldest in the family.

Both of her parents are illiterate. Her father works seasonally, sometimes at a brick factory or in the forest cutting down trees to sell at the market. Her mother works as a day laborer in other people's fields during harvest season. Her father often spends his earnings on alcohol. They do not own any land, and their house is shared with three other families, with Little Wing's family of seven all living in one room.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Little Wing enjoys learning new things. When she grows up, she hopes to help other children who face similar struggles by providing them with educational opportunities.

                                                                                                                                                             2023 Feb

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