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Cliff Bees (Nepal)
Words of Gratitude

Dear Uncle Wong,


How are you? I am fine here and hope you are also fine there.


Today I am writing you this letter with the great pleasure of thankfulness and also the willingness for future support.


I feel very happy to say that I have joined by nursing school! I keep my promise to you that I will study with my full heart and mind. I feel very lucky that I have get such a great from you who always ready to help me in my critical time.


Thank you so much once again. I will never forget your support.


I wish you all the best and thank you for your support.




LTP015 Pooja Kumari Shah thankyouletter 231012.jpg

Dear Aunty Lau,


How are you?


I will be promoted to Grade 8, I am very happy to go to my school. I study very hard and I want to do my best. My dream is to be a charted accounted.


Thank you for your supporting, my family also very happy for it.


God bless you!

Thank you very much.




LTP014 Suraj Chaudary thankyouletter 231012.jpg

Dear Uncle Stephen:


Thank you for your love and care and giving me the opportunity to go to school.

Child marriage is a serious problem in our community, and many girls my age are married and have

children. Thanks for your help, I can still go to school happily. I hope to become a nurse in the future

and help my family, my community, and even the whole of Nepal.

Thank you again.




LTP002 Nisha Jaiswal thank you letter 2023Mar.jpeg

Dear Aunt Cecilia:


I passed seventh grade and was ninth in my class. thank you for helping me study.



SNP006 Ambika Kumari Chaudary thank you letter 2023Mar.jpeg

Ka Ka was promoted to Grade 11 and expressed his gratitude to the sponsor.

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