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Dandelion (China)
Volunteers' Sharings

Graduated - Xiao Gao


Once again, I am excited to participate in volunteer activities. Every time I return to Henan, I am filled with deep feelings. When I see those young faces, I can't help but recall the difficulties and hardships I have experienced. When I look at them again, I naturally feel a sense of compassion. However, I know that my ability is limited, and I cannot do more than give them some comfort and support. But I will pray for them silently in my heart, hoping that these children can face life with strength and optimism, and work hard to change their destiny and create good things for themselves and their families.

In this activity, I also saw some students who had received the same sponsorship as I did, and this touched my heart. They have grown up and participated in the activity with a grateful heart, giving back to the needy students with all the love and happiness they can.

And the leader, Sister Tong, has always been a loving and responsible big sister in my heart! This job has gone beyond a mere duty and has become a sacred belief for her. Her perseverance in dedicating her love is beyond my imagination and I really admire her.

After the event, everyone dispersed, but I believe that everyone will leave a seed of love in their heart and let it take root in their own way.

Here, I would like to thank Jubilee Cares for choosing me 20 years ago and letting me feel those extraordinary love and warmth. This gratitude will stay with me for a long time to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

                                                                                                                                                                               2023 Nov

Graduated - Xiao Guo

Deeply touched


Due to the epidemic, I have not volunteered for more than four years. I am saddened that after all these years, there are still many families in dire straits, but I am also glad that Lok Wah has persevered and not been defeated by the challenges, which is not easy at all.

During my service, I was deeply touched by a volunteer named Xiao Gao. When visiting a female student's home, she cried because of her family's difficulties, and Gao immediately comforted her and told her not to cry. But afterwards, Xiao Gao silently wiped away his tears in the car, and I realised that ...... Xiao Gao himself is also a poor man, no relatives alive, he experienced the hardships only he knows best. In spite of this, Xiao Gao has participated in volunteer activities many times since he entered the society, and often organises groups of people to participate in volunteer activities. He also warmly invited us to his shop. Such a young man is worth learning from.

                                                                                                                                                                               2023 Nov

Graduated - Xiao Tin

Persistence and Growth

Taking on the role of a volunteer for the first time was indeed a significant challenge for me.

I still remember that night in the dormitory at school, it was unbearably hot and truly hard to endure! But thinking of the younger children who could sleep peacefully, why couldn't I?

I'm actually a quiet person, so when I led a group for the first time and saw that many members were also shy and not speaking, I was a bit at a loss. But thinking that they were actually just like me in the past. I recalled how the volunteers back then patiently guided us, so I tried to apply that same method. As a result, the students gradually opened up and actively participated in the camp.

The most unforgettable and heartbreaking part for me was the moments of one-on-one conversations with the students. The experiences of the two youngest children were truly heartbreaking, but they still had a strong look in their eyes, which deeply moved me. And the love and words of the other volunteers for them also touched my soul: "We all put aside the things around us to come and see you, and to see our past selves, because we want to bring love to you, and pass our warmth into the heart of each one of you." Indeed, seeing them reminded me of my past self, low self-esteem, introverted, helpless... But fortunately, there are people who care and help us, I'm lucky indeed.

Happiness does not differentiate between rich and poor, happiness inherently belongs to everyone.

                                                                                                                                                                               2023 Jul

Graduated - Xiao Ping

Let the Love Continue

Years later, I joined the camp again as a volunteer, this time with my son, and used his red pocket money to buy gifts for the students.

At the beginning of the camp, most of the students were shy, probably due to social phobia, so they need more love and care to overcome this. One student, in particular, faced challenges in communication due to a lack of parental love and guidance. He couldn't even write. However, after several days of interaction, he made significant progress, and his communication became smoother. For instance, he used to litter after finishing his meals, but with our guidance, he was able to voluntarily throw the trash into the rubbish bin. His progress demonstrated that with more love and guidance, he could communicate just like any other child.

For the children attending the summer camp, this might be the happiest time for them, free from homework or farm work. More importantly, they could feel the love surrounding them, just like the camp song says, "Love overflows". Being loved allowed them to freely do what they desired.

In addition, this experience exposed my son to such a challenging environment and showed him impoverished areas has made him grow. For me, it is most important to keep the original intention, because I had also received help from others, just like these children. I have a special affinity for poor children, and I will do my best to help them within my capabilities, so that this love can continue. I hope to participate in similar activities in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                               2023 Jul


Graduated - Xiao Liu

Grateful for the Elderly's Contributions

Yesterday, I visited grandparents who are still taking care of their grandchildren despite their old age. It made me sad to see their difficult living conditions. I was especially touched by one grandmother who was physically challenged but still doing best to take care her four young children. I am grateful that these children understand and appreciate their grandmother's sacrifices. Their resilience and perseverance are truly worth emulating.

I hope our visit brought some warmth to these families and eased their daily struggles. The elderly work hard every day just to ensure their grandchildren have enough to eat, are warmly dressed, and can attend school. We should be grateful for their sacrifices. Finally, I wish them good health and success for their children's education.

This visit has reinforced my understanding that we should cherish the people and beauty life in our lives. I will work even harder to achieve my small goals and aspirations. Let's all keep striving together!

​                                                                                                                                                            2023 Mar

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