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Dandelion (China) Children's Story

Overcome Difficulties

     Xiaohao and his family have faced a series of unfortunate events, including his mother's death due to

      illness and his sister's battle with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. The high cost of

      medical treatment has caused the entire family to struggle financially. Despite the challenges, Xiaohao

      continues to study hard for his upcoming middle school entrance exam, and we believe he can create a

      better future for himself and his family.

                                                                                                                                                                     2023 Mar

Brave and Persevering, Chasing Dreams

     Xiaoli is a brave and persevering high school student.

     She lost her father at a young age, and her mother also disappeared from home, leaving Xiaoli to rely

     on her disabled uncle for a living. The house they lived in was built under the government's dangerous

     housing renovation project, indicating that their living environment was extremely difficult. However,

     Xiaoli did not feel sorry for herself because of this, but instead cherished her family and current life even

     more. Her uncle treated her as his own and had always taken care of her meticulously, giving her the

     confidence to face the future.

     Xiaoli has excellent academic performance. She hopes to achieve good results in the upcoming college

     entrance examination, and thus realize her dream of bringing stability and improvement to her and her

     uncle's lives.

     We believe that Xiaoli's future will surely be better because she possesses an incomparable spirit of

     courage and perseverance.

                                                                                                                                                                                  2023 Mar

                                                      A Big Step

       Since 2010, our organization has been supporting a special child named Liang Liang. His biological

      parents are both from Myanmar, and his father passed away early on. When his mother was pregnant

      with him, she married his stepfather, who is from Henan province in China. After giving birth to two

      half-brothers, Liang Liang's mother passed away due to illness. Since then, Liang Liang has been living

      with his stepfather, his two half-brothers, and his grandmother (the stepfather's mother). His stepfather

      came from Henan to Wuhan and makes a living by leasing a few acres of land to grow and sell

      vegetables. They live in a makeshift house made of iron near the vegetable field, which is very simple

      and uncomfortable in the winter and hot in the summer.

      Liang Liang was born with a disability and has deformed legs, which make it impossible for him to walk

      like other children. Liang Liang is mainly taken care of by his grandmother. In his spare time, Liang Liang

      watches an old TV and has slowly learned some basic knowledge. Local groups have learned about Liang

      Liang's situation and regularly visit him, offering aid and cleaning help, among other things. Whenever

      they see him, he always greets them with a kind smile.

      Recently, Liang Liang received help from a hospital that waived part of the surgery fees, and he

      underwent leg orthopedic surgery. Liang Liang needs to wear a specially made shoe to recover.

      Whether he can walk in the future depends on gradually strengthening his legs. He is full of confidence

      for the future.

      We wish him a gradual recovery and a normal life like any other person. We believe that when he takes

      a small step forward, it will be a big step in his life.


​                                                                                                                                                                                            2021 Jun

Unique Little Treasure

      When I stepped into Qiao's house, she and her grandparents came out to greet us. This little girl was

      obviously much shorter than children her age, and upon closer inspection, I noticed that she was

      disabled. Her legs were much shorter in proportion to her body, with her knees fixed in large shoes,

      and her hands were also deformed. Looking at her, it was hard not to feel a sense of pity.

      Throughout the home visit, Qiao was outgoing and responsive, not at all introverted or insecure as I

       had imagined. In fact, she was not her grandparents' biological granddaughter, but had been picked

       up from outside when she was young. However, the love and affection between them was no less than

       that of blood relatives. To raise Qiao, her grandparents even picked up scrap on the street to sell,

       which made her feel the warmth of true affection and inspired her deep respect and gratitude for her


       Qiao loves to read books and often goes to the library with her classmates. Her dream is to become a

       teacher. Due to her physical limitations, her future may be more challenging than other underprivileged

       children. Nevertheless, we hope that she can receive more care and love in her growing up, gain

       confidence, and feel the kindness and beauty of the world. Every child is a unique treasure, and so is she!




​                                                                                                                                                                 2020 Feb

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