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Dandelion (China) sponsorship program

Since 2005, our organization has been running a sponsorship program in Henan Province of China, providing support to approximately 127 children each year.

Issues faced by rural children in China

  • Rural children face financial challenges despite being eligible for free education from the government. They may struggle to afford textbooks and accommodation, and some may even skip buying holiday assignments, which can have a negative impact on the academic performance.

  • When parents work in cities, some children are left to stay with elderly grandparents for long periods of time. These children lack emotional support from their parents, resulting in a significant emotional deficit.

Objectives and content of the program

This program not only provides living allowance to children, but also organizes various activities to promote their overall well-being, and to allow them to experience social care. Additionally, we provide opportunities for the grown-ups to become leaders and train them to become givers/ambassadors of love.

  • Happy English Summer Camp

  • Let's Cheer Up event for high school students

  • Together-we-care (Winter Program)

  • College and Career Talks (for Junior students)


Sponsorship for orphans and poor children [ please click here ]

Child's Story

Words of Gratitude

Image by Christopher Beloch
Image by Manh Phung

Volunteers’ Sharings

Activity Snapshots

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